Live Manatee County Streaming Scanner

So why are you doing this?

It was started mainly as a means to have the audio of my radios available to me for my own use. I decided to make it available online to others.

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Some notes on the ause of this feed:

You can join the MANSOTA Scanner List at Yahoo Groups to get updates and discuss scanning in the Sarasota & Bradenton areas as well as surrounding areas including Hardee, Desoto, & Charlotte counties. Adjoining county discussion is welcome as well.

Detailed information on the Manatee County EDACS System is here.

The following map may help to understand what is being referenced for MSO zones:

Manatee County Crime Reporting Zones

The following codes & signals are common on the groups:

Manatee County Signals
0 Armed And/Or Caution 30 Larceny 61 Gambling
1 Drunk Driver 31 Assault / Battery 62 Racial Trouble
2 Drunk Pedestrian 32 Suicide 63 Impersonating Law Enforcement
3 Hit And Run Accident 33 Shooting Officer
4 Traffic Accident 34 Stabbing 64 Larceny Of Auto Parts
5 Murder 35 Rape 65 Shoplifter
6 Escape Prisoner 36 Fight 66 Civil Matter
7 Dead Person 37 Juvenile Trouble 67 Accident / Injury
8 Missing Person 38 Domestic Trouble 68 Police Service Call
9 Stolen Tag 39 Neighbor Trouble 69 Loose Farm Animal
10 Stolen Car 40 Criminal Mischief 70 Animal Bite
11 Abandoned Vehicle 41 Robbery 71 Snake Bite
12 Reckless Driver 42 Child Molestation 72 Lost / Found Property
13 Suspicious Vehicle 43 Lewd Lascivious Acts 73 Child Abuse
13P Suspicious Person 44 Boat / Water Accident 75 Hostage
14 Information 45 Airplane Crash 76 Noise Complaint
15 Special Detail 46 Bomb Threat 77 Customer Problem
16 Highway Obstruction 47 Vice Case Non Drug 78 Unknown Problem
17 Contact 48 Open Door 79 Animal Complaint
18 Felony 49 Alarm 80 Abandoned 911
19 Misdemeanor 50 Labor Trouble 81 Assist / Standby
20 Mentally Ill Person 51 Trespassing 82 Water Violation
21 Burglary 52 Forgery Counterfeiting 100 Listen But Stay Off The Radio
22 Disturbance 53 Embezzlement
23 Pedestrian / Hitchhiker 54 Hijack Aircraft
24 Kidnapping / False Imprisonment 55 Explosion
25 Fire 56 Beverage Violation
26 Drowning 57 Drug Case
27 Prowler / Peeping Tom 58 Unlawful Assembly
28 Riot 59 Fire Bombing
29 Reckless Boat Operation 60 Sniper Fire
Note: These are used by all county police agencies, EXCEPT FHP, see FHP Codes & Signals on the state page.

Manatee County 10 Codes
10-1 Receiving Poorly 10-32 Is Intoxllyzer Available 10-63 Need Bomb Squad On Scene
10-2 Receiving Well 10-33 Emergency Traffic 10-64 Need Crime Lab on Scene
10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-34 Jail Break / Trouble At Station 10-65 Clear To Copy
10-4 Acknowledgment 10-35 Confidential Informant 10-66 Cancel
10-5 Relay To 10-36 Correct Time 10-67 Serving Civil Process
10-6 Busy 10-37 Operator On Duty 10-68 Legal Advice / Advisor
10-7 Out Of Service At __________ 10-38 Block Road (s) At ___________ 10-69 Send Narcotics Agent
10-8 In Service 10-39 Message Delivered 10-70 Send Wrecker
10-9 Repeat 10-40 Out For Meal At ________ 10-71 Send Ambulance
10-10 Out Of Service Subject To Call 10-41 In Possession Of _________ 10-72 Send Helicopter
10-11 Dispatching Too Rapidly 10-42 Out Of Service At Home 10-73 Open Gate At Sallyport
10-12 Visitors / Officials Present 10-43 Any Traffic For __________ 10-74 Recall
10-13 Weather / Road Conditions 10-44 Pick Up Papers At __________ 10-75 MDT Dispatched
10-14 Convoy or Escort 10-45 Call __________ By Phone 10-86 Signing On Duty Start Of Shift
10-15 Prisoner in Custody 10-46 Urgent 10-87 Signing Off Duty End Of Shift
10-16 Pick Up Prisoner At ________ 10-47 Reports 10-88 Advise Phone Number
10-17 Conduct Investigation 10-48 End Of Message Received? 10-89 On Pager
10-18 Complete Assignment Quickly 10-49 Serving Warrant / Capias 10-90 Scramble
10-19 Return to Your Station 10-50 Stopping Vehicle 10-91 Detective Or Vice Frequency
10-20 Your Location 10-51 Enroute 10-92 Police Communication Frequency
10-21 Call Station By Phone 10-52 Estimated Time Of Arrival 10-93 Detective Needed
10-22 Disregard 10-53 Coming By Office 10-94 Send Backup Car
10-23 Stand By 10-54 Negative 10-95 Special Call
10-24 Trouble SEND HELP 10-55 Car Calling To Car 10-97 Arrived At Scene
10-25 In Contact With ___________ 10-56 Meet ________ At ________ 10-98 Assignment Complete
10-26 Message Received 10-57 At Pistol Range 10-99 Unable To Receive Signal
10-27 Check Drivers License 10-58 At Road Patrol Office 10-100 Alert Remain In Radio Contact
10-28 Check Registration - Tag 10-59 Warrant 10-104 Computer System
10-29 Check Wanted 10-60 Assist To Motorist 10-105 Send Jail Wagon
10-30 Against Rules / Procedures 10-61 Need Patrol Sergeant On Scene 10-106 Medical Assistance Needed
10-31 In Pursuit 10-62 Need Patrol Lieutenant On Scene 10-107 On Portable Radio
10-108 Calls Backed Up
Note: These are used by all county police agencies, EXCEPT FHP, see FHP Codes & Signals on the state page.

Manatee County Clearance Codes
A1 Arrest Felony P1 Assist Other MCSO Deputy
A2 Arrest Misdemeanor P2 Transport to MCCJ for HBPD
A3 Arrest - DUI P3 Transport to MCCJ for LBKPD
A4 Summons/Notice to Appear P4 Transport to MCCJ for BBPD
B Unable to locate GOA P5 Transport to MCCJ for PPD
B1 Unable to Contact Complainant P6 Transport to MCCJ for BPD
C Assist Motorist P8 Transport to MCCJ for FHP
C1 Driver Exchange Form Issued P9 Transport to MCCJ for FWC
D Incident Verified GOA Q Unfounded
E UTC Issued R Area Searched, No Sus or Vic
E1 Parking Ticket Issued S Complainant Doesnt want a RPT
E2 Citation for Water Violation T Peace Restored
FA False Alarm U Patrol Request Initiated
F Premises Checked Found Secure U1 Filed Interview Report Completed
G Premises Checked Found Insecure V No Report
H Verbal Warning W Supplement Report Completed
I Incident Report Completed WR Weather Related Alarm
I3 Traffic Crash Report Completed X Deputy Adjusted
J Correction Card Issued Y No Action Taken
K Written Warning Z Cancel Per Complainant
L Perpetrator Told to Cease & Desist
M Special Assignment Signal 15
N Attempt to Contact, Contact Made
O Attempt to Contact, No Contact
P Assist Other Agency


Radio: ONE (1) Radio Shack Pro-2067 Scanner
Antenna: One 800MHz 3dB Gain Antenna
Computer: AMD Dual Core PC
Encoder: A current software encoder.

What you WILL HEAR:

Manatee County EDACS Talkgroups:
MSO W PATrol Dispatch - Group 11
MSO E PATrol Dispatch - Group 13
MSO N PATrol Dispatch - Group 15
Bradenton PD Dispatch - Group 41
Palmetto PD Dispatch - Group 41
Countywide LEO Interageny - Group 6
EMS Dispatch
FD Dispatch

The conventional channels for BF, AeroMed, 800MHz Mutual aid x-FLMA aka FD Talkaround, and the newer rebanded 800MHz NSPAC MA's and paging are on a seperate feed Manatee Conventional

This will stay online as long as Manatee LEO groups are monitorable, which may not be long. Manatee has been working towards a switch to ProVoice and possibly adding ESK on their system. This has been planned for several years, but has never come about, but monitoring in Manatee is on borrowed time.

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