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Last Update: August 05 2022 00:45:00.

Live Feeds Provided by ScanCaster Networks and this site

We created the Scancaster Network to provide for LOCAL SCANNERS for areas which certain other sites do not provide. Scancaster operates its OWN SERVER(s) in a datacenter!

We are PROUDLY NOT AFFILIATED WITH THAT other site in any way! Never have been since 1994!!! We ACTUALLY MONITOR THIS STUFF! And built it too!

NOAA NWR RUSKIN KHB32 - NOAA NWR Ruskin 162.550Mhz - This is a 24/7/365 feed of the NWR from Ruskin and the Ruskin WFO (KTBZ) - NOTE: This should NOT be used in place of a good standalone WXR!! No liability is provided for this feed being inaccessible during issures which disrupt internet connections!

Polk County - Polk County Sothwest Sheriff Dispatch, TAC's, LZ OPS, Aeromed and Bayflite/LifeNet Ops - NO FIRE OR EMS!

Hillsborough County - Hillsborough County Sheriff District 2, District 4 & District 5 (Brandon Carved Zone) DISPATCH, INFO, LZ OPS - (The TAC's were moved to ProVoice ENCRYPTED! NO FIRE EMS!

Plant City - Plant City Fire/EMS - All groups, and HILLSCO LZ-OPS - THIS is PLANT CITY FD ONLY!

Plant City PD is NOW ON THE P25 SYSTEM! As of 2/18/19!!!
Please use the feed below to listen to PD


Plant City PD - Plant City PD ONLY (FD is STILL ON EDACS!)

City of Lakeland FD - Lakeland FD ALL DISPATCH and Firegrounds!

What are YOU HIDING LPD????!!!!!???????? Transparency??? REALLY!??? Giddens you don't know what the word means!


There are more coming!

YES ScanCaster is Phase II READY!!!

If you hear a "beeping sound" every few seconds, this indicates that the source audio is DOWN! It will be restored automatically normally in a few seconds. This is caused by the internmittent nature of the internet.

ALL reports of issues, problems, suggestions, need to be report DIRECTLY TO US Tampa Scanner/ScanCaster! Please do not contact other persons such as your scanner player software. They have no means to correct the issue(s).

Please report it to: scancaster AT tampascanner DOT info

We also are looking for additional feeds for Sarasota County, DeSoto, KTPA, KPIE, Pasco* No longer possible P25 FULL ENC!, Pinellas, and other areas. Note Hardee and Highlands are not possible as they use the Polk Regional P25 system and are ENCRYPTED!

If you are interested in providing any feed of the above please contact us at the address above.

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