ScanCaster™ Network

What is ScanCaster™ Network?

ScanCaster™ Network was created to provide live streaming audio of public safety, aviation, and other sources of audio.

Why another provider of streaming audio? Isn't there already another site(s) providing this?

YES. There are other site(s) providing streaming audio sources.. BUT these other sites have problems:
  1. Place huge restrictions on the type of audio ie: No EMS
  2. Get permission to place YOUR FEED on YOUR OWN SITE!

What feeds do you provide?

At this time we provide the following feeds:

How do I listen?

All you need is a device which can play MP3 and/or OGG streaming audio.

Our feed server is located at:

Can I listen via an application on a smart phone device?

Yes! There are many programs that support streaming audio.

Officially we support Android devices and software. We specifically reccommend ScannerRadio by Gordon Edwards. This can be downloaded and installed via the Android Market. There is both a free and paid version. Please refer to the link above and the author for the differences.

All ScanCaster™ Feeds are listed in the directory of Scanner Radio, by selecting Source and then ScanCaster™ Network.

We actively work with Android developers to support our feeds on their software. Please contact us to get information on our feed listing file format.

Other software exists for other devices.

Can I use your feed(s) for our TV, AM, FM station news monitoring ?

NO! This is for personal use only. Members of the media ARE REQUIRED to purchase a LICENSE to use the feed(s) for operations of any form including news gathering. Any person(s) or entity(s) found to be using the feed(s) for this purpose will have restrictions placed upon their access to the feed(s) and possible legal action to collect bandwidth costs.

Can I use your feed(s) for incident dispatching?

YES! You can use the feed(s) for the following AUTHORIZED incident dispatching group(s)/system(s):

WPAINCIDENT - Western PA Incidents

Tampa Bay Incidents

The following groups are NOT authorized to use ScanCaster™ Network feed(s) for ANY PURPOSE:

Incident Paging Network (IPN)
Breaking News Network (BNN)
Incidentalerts (IA)

Any group not specifically listed in the authorized groups/systems above.

Are you looking for feeds in any other area(s)?

Yes! We are actively looking for feeds in the following areas:
If your outside that area, we will consider your feed on a case by case basis for carriage on our server(s). We primarily handle those areas of the WPASCANNER and Tampa Bay Scanner Sites only.

How can I provide a feed

Are there any restrictions on the feeds?

There are only a few rules for our feeds:
  1. NO amateur/Part 97 radio feeds. There are sites for this, and it does not fit within the scope of our sites.
  2. NO music feeds. Again, its not a fit with our operation.
  3. You can not provide your feed to ONE very specific site. We will provide this site on request, but don't wish to offer this site any further promotion or web links via our site. Your welcome to provide your feed on your OWN web site, but we do not wish to aid another site with its opertions. Additionally since we permit content that would be unsuitable per the other site TOS your feed would not be welcome at that other site.

So are feeds with ....... ok?

Do you require feed operators to take down feeds during "HOT" events?

NO! What would the point of having the feed be, if when a good call goes out you take it down!

But the criminals will hear the calls and events etc...

The possability that criminals might use a scanner to hear the calls has existed since scanners became available. Yes there is an increased chance with availability of the audio via non scanner devices.

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